Rockstar Games Wins BAFTA Fellowship for entire company "The prestigious Fellowship was awarded to the whole company rather than one individual, the founders Sam and Dan Houser were present to accept the accolade. Dan made an emotional speech about the origins of the Grand Theft Auto series, about how his brother formed the company at 27 with a vision to lift games alongside film in terms of cultural impact and epic scope. At the time, he was either laughed at or ignored, said Dan, but he prevailed. “No executive producer in entertainment has done more to transform their industry,” he said. “Perhaps the only figures he can be compared to are the builders of Hollywood, people like Jack Warner and Irvin Thalberg. And he did all this with no money in a company initially run by crooks, based in the wrong city, in a foreign country.” (The Guardian 2014) Thanks Sam & Dan

I'm the Creative Director at Pixlwise video game company .....It's been a long and rough road to get here, but it's been an amazing adventure! It's like being the Director of a feature film, but the cinematic experience will be a game.